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About Us

Self- reliance in defence has been the cornerstone of India’s defence production policy. The recent call for “ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT” has provided further impetus to realise the goal of self-reliance. Over the years, transparent and streamlined procurement procedures, production policies and ‘Make in India’ initiatives have provided significant stimulus to demand for indigenous products. Indian Defence Industry, primarily catering to the needs of the armed forces, has evolved with diversified product mix and market. Propelled by the recent successes in exports, India is set to realize its potential as an emerging defence manufacturing hub. Presently the DPSUs, services and QA agencies are having independent manufacture registration process leading to multiple registration by defence manufacture. Therefore, there is need to shift and formulate a standard vendors and products registration process for all defence sector manufacturers and suppliers.

This PORTAL under DDP will facilitate manufacture registration by all prospective manufacture /suppliers of defence item along with NATO Commercial and Government entity (NCAGE) code towards ease of doing business and promoting export potential.